Abrasive Blasting

Evolved from the legacy of Blasting Technologies, BTi Log Home Care emerges as the forefront of log home restoration and maintenance.

BTi Log Home Care boasts a diverse arsenal of blasting media tailored to suit unique surface
requirements, ranging from the gentle precision of walnut shell blasting to the refined effectiveness of glass bead abrasives.

Employing pressurized media such as crushed recycled glass or crushed walnut shells stands as the cleanest and most efficient method to create a pristine canvas for your home.

Prior to commencing the blasting process, homeowners should be mindful of essential details:

For safety reasons, we restrict the presence of children or pets in the vicinity and recommend adults take necessary precautions due to the loud nature of the task and the presence of airborne particles. Log homes typically aren't entirely airtight, particularly before our restoration work is complete, making it possible for dust to infiltrate through checks, corners, windows, and seams.

BTi Log Home Care’s commitment to employing advanced blasting methodologies remains steadfast, ensuring the legacy of your log home endures for generations.

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