(Stain is performing at 70% - 95%) 

Log home maintenance is recommended yearly. This entails a log wash and spot touch-up on all areas that are showing signs of the stain starting to lose its protective qualities.

With training, a log home’s exterior can be maintained by the homeowner. However, many of our clients prefer to leave the annual maintenance to BTi.

Our Maintenance Division will perform annual checkups, advise you of any problem areas, perform log washes, apply stain and top coat where needed, apply caulking or any other services to ensure the finish and logs are protected as best they can be.

Here are three reasons why annual maintenance is highly recommended:

. To maintain the stain’s reflective natures. Stain is designed to reflect UV rays like sunscreen; UV rays break down the outer surface of the wood, causing rot. The less dirt and grime sitting on top, the better it can prevent fading of the pigment and keep out the harmful sun rays. Performing a log wash is the best way to remove the build-up.

2. To keep the “pores” clean. Stain is designed to work like a good Gore-Tex coat; it repels water but allows the logs to “breathe”. The exterior of a log home is a settling ground for dust, pollen and other airborne contaminants that dull the surface and encourage mold growth. Keeping your logs clean through regular log washes maximizes the repelling qualities of the stain.

3. Logs require constant care. Keeping a close eye on stain coverage, checks (cracks), and areas of concern like snow build-up, bird activity or an incorrectly aimed sprinkler will prevent costly future repairs. Once the stain starts looking dry or flaking, it is more and more difficult to restore the protective quality of the stain. Regularly monitoring and recoating with stain when and where needed will keep your home not only looking great but will prevent a large bill in the future.

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