Log Rot Replacement

Log rot is decay caused by fungi that digest or “rot” parts of the wood.

Log rot can continue to spread unless removed or treated and can compromise the structural integrity of your home. All log rot should be removed and replaced by a professional.

We approach this on a case-by-case basis. During a complete restoration, we try to diagnose these areas before a home is blasted.

Most rot we encounter can be mitigated by non-structural replacement methods.

First, we demo and dispose of the rotten log faces. Next, borate solution or borate rods will be applied to all areas where logs were removed to prevent the spread of further rot. Then, new full or half log ‘faces’ will be installed, caulked, stained and chinked to aesthetically match the rest of the wall. We scribe and notch corners according to the style of the existing logs.

Deck posts are another common rot area that we replace entirely. Small areas of surface-level rot can sometimes be repaired using epoxy-based wood hardeners.

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