Whether your project is a freshly blasted restoration or a refinish, BTi uses the best performing staining products and techniques.

Our team is trained in application of log, timber, and wood siding specific finishes. Typically, these products are applied in multiple coats via pressurized sprayer, followed by back brushing.

Stain is only applied on dry surfaces out of direct sunlight for desirable ambient curing temperatures.

We care a great deal about the homeowner experience during and after staining. Expect that we will have plastic masking on all windows during the entire staining process, as well as coverings on stone, furniture, hot tubs, plants, and anything else that would need to be protected from overspray.  

Choices in product and color: The first decision is whether to use an oil-based stain or a water-based stain product. Typically, the oil-based alternatives are more transparent comparatively, and tend to show more of the grain of the wood, as well as chink contrast. Both options are very easy to maintain. At this time we are recommending two of the top log home specific brands in the United States: Sashco and Structures

Please reference our BTi Color Guide Lookbook for stain examples and inspiration!

Color GuideColor Guide [Download]

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