Interior Finishes

Interior Finish: Like with an exterior, a proper finish will protect, enhance, and set up an interior for easier cleaning down the road. These finishes typically range from a satin or gloss clear coating to a custom whitewash that will brighten the look of inside spaces.

Interior Draft Control: Sealing off cold air and insect intrusion in a log home is crucial. Draft control is efficiently diagnosed and addressed using our thermal imaging process. We use a blower door to create a negative air flow throughout the building, which amplifies cold and leaky areas that are photographed with our thermal camera. Log-specific caulk can then be applied to the identified problem areas to mitigate heat-loss and insect intrusion.

Interior Chinking:  Weatherization aside, the finished appeal of interior chinking can quite literally tie the room together. We apply chinking products to seal the connection between logs and other interior surfaces such as stone, drywall, tile, and wood trim, for a beautiful, finished look.

Interior Maintenance: Accumulated dust, grime, and cobwebs, be gone. We hand wash interior log and timber walls from the top down with a specialized detergent to make neglected surfaces feel fresh and new again.

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